Anti hair loss treatment patches 56 pcs

Dermatologically tested

Anti hair loss treatment patches 56 pcs

Manufacturer: Equalan Pharma Europe

Anti Hair Loss Patches are an innovative product which enhances the hair bulbs. Used systematically they help prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

Whom they are intended for?

The patches are intended for men and women who struggles with excessive hair loss.

1. Ensure that the patch application area is clean and dry.
2. Take out one of the sheets, separate one patch and stick it to the chosen skin area.
3. The patch must remain fixed on the skin from 8 to 10 hours (overnight) and be carefully removed after this time (in the morning).
4. Apply the product rotationally, covering the whole perimeter of the bald scalp (recommended areas: forehead, temples, behind ears, top of the scalp, nape).
5. Following night, apply the product again changing the application area.
6. 8-week program.

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