Dermocosmetics manufacturer

Dermocosmetics manufacturer
We offer a wide range of dermocosmetics for problematic skins and cosmetics for daily body care.
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Private Label
We offer a private label cosmetics manufacturing service. Thanks to our experience and knowledge in the field of dermocosmetics, we are able to provide high quality private label products for other companies.
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Own laboratory

We have our own r&d depratment.

High quality

We manufacture our cosmetics in compliance with the quality standards of PN-EN ISO 22716:2009 (GMP)

Private label

We will help you create your own brand.

Numerous awards

Equalan Pharma is recognised for its high quality standards

About us

Who are we?

Manufacturer of dermocosmetics and white cosmetics for face, hair and body care. Equalan Pharma known for its innovative and safe formulations of daily care cosmetics.

The most popular products of the line are: Novaclear ATOPIS for dry, atopic and sensitive skin, Novaclear Whiten for skin with hyperpigmentation, Novaclear GLUTA to reduce unevenness and skin tone, Novaclear ACNE for acne-prone, oily and combination skin, Novaclear HYDRO for dehydrated and dry skin, Novaclear COLLAGEN for mature skin, Novaclear REPAIR after aesthetic medicine procedures, Novaclear Urban Sunblock for sun protection, Regital for foot, hand and nail care, Mama’s for pregnant women, GlyskinCare line with glycolic acid, 100% body oils and Hyaluronic and Vitamin C serum, GlyskinCare Organic Oils cosmetics with organic oils for face, body and hair care, Dermastic against hair loss, FastGels for scars and bruises.

Equalan Pharma is also a manufacturer of cosmetics for daily hygiene and disinfectants and care products. Handsclear is a line of disinfectants with antibacterial properties and antibacterial hand gels.

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Dry, atopic, sensitive skin

Skin with hyperpigmentation

Reduces Uneven Skin Tone

Uniqe line composed of different serum formulas

Oily, combination skin

Dehydrated skin

Anti-aging Skin Care

All skin types, especially mature skin

After aesthetic medicine

Dull, mature, demanding skin

Your brand

Private label

Tell us about your dreams. We’ll make them happen….

We offer a private label cosmetics manufacturing service. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the field of dermocosmetics, we are able to provide high quality private label products for other companies.

Our private label range includes a variety of facial, hair and body care cosmetics that can be tailored to individual customer needs and preferences. We guarantee the highest quality, compliance with current standards and an innovative approach to formulation.

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Meet us

Equalan Pharma Europe

We are a renowned cosmetics manufacturer that not only offers a wide range of high-quality dermocosmetics and private label cosmetics, but also specializes in producing cosmetics for your own brand.

Equalan Pharma is a team of passionate people in the cosmetics industry who emphasize quality, innovation and individual approach to each customer. Our years of experience and advanced manufacturing technologies allow us to create products that meet the highest quality standards and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Whether you are a new brand in the cosmetics market or an experienced player, we want to be your trusted partner in business development. Our team of cosmetic formulation experts, packaging designers and marketing specialists will accompany you through every stage of production.Together, we can develop personalized formulas, tailor packaging to your brand vision and ensure that your cosmetics fully express what your brand is all about.We offer a wide range of products, including creams, lotions, serums, toners, masks and more. We can also provide body and hair care products. Whatever type of cosmetics you plan to market, we have the knowledge and resources to meet your expectations.

Join the group of our satisfied customers and trust us as a cosmetics manufacturer for your brand. Contact us today to start working together and achieve success in the competitive cosmetics market with us.

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